About (Lines of Flight)

Lines of flight, a title inspired by Deleuze and Guattari's, 'A Thousand Plateaus', started as an ongoing series of images studying different ideas of escape, closely linked to the local inhabitants of a remote village in central Sweden.

Movement is fundamentally part of the process of “becoming”. “You can never step in the same river twice” as an aphorism from Heraclitus suggests.

Social rituals are formed by community events which capture changing relationships within the community, via means of cognitive and physical movement. We are made aware of Multiple potentialities in social situations.

A notion of different ways of life are discovered in the movement of the local inhabitants. An attempted escape from societal norms integrated with a way of living which allows the biophysical landscape to be become an active member of the community. Basic life is kept crucial in the village, in the form of mainstream western culture; phones, guns and automobiles. However the closeness is shown between the local people and nature via social rituals that are adopted, which centre around preservation of their environment. 

Cultures with close relationships to large biophysical landscapes, are forming an escape, cognitively and physically, from oppressive structures, encouraging the adoption of an outsider perspective. They distance themselves from what is thought to be second nature.

These images have begun to document changing relationships between community members (including non-human) over a large period of time. The seasonal, cyclical movement of the landscape, and the combined motion of the community members, as they participate in different social rituals together, offers a new understanding of escape.  

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